Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Path for Gary

                If anyone knows Gary Johnson, please extend my personal invitation to him to rejoin the Republican Party. For some reason, hundreds of thousands of liberty loving citizens have spent the last few years attempting to take over and redefine the party. I can’t quite recall who started this R3VOLUTION, but it has been working as well as anyone could have expected. I myself was even a delegate to my state convention, where I helped elect a liberty loving delegate from my district to the national convention in Tampa, FL, as well as several more at large delegates. In other states, liberty minded citizens have done the same. They have even won GOP chairman positions, precinct committeeman positions, as well as higher offices in the House and the Senate.
                All in all, I’d say that the plan to drastically transform the Republican Party has gone extremely well. If I were a betting man, I’d say in 2 years, we will be neck and neck with the establishment, and in 4 years, it is likely that the liberty movement will have a very real chance at nominating a true Constitutional Conservative to run against the Democrats in 2016.
                Having said that, let me express my deepest respect for Gary Johnson and the work he has done. I would be truly honored to vote for him for this nation’s highest office in 2016. While Mr. Johnson is currently running his own campaign for the Libertarian Party for the 2012 election, the majority of the liberty minded voters who are most likely to agree with his platform, are currently in the process of reshaping the Republican platform. If only we could bring these two together.
                You know, this situation reminds me of something similar that happened nearly 25 years ago when another champion of liberty ran for POTUS as a Libertarian. I believe the fellow’s name was Ron Paul. He didn’t get the support he needed to win the election, but he did start a movement which would later grow into a revolution. Dr. Paul decided later on that taking his revolution through the Republican Party would be the most effective way of really achieving the changes he felt the country needed. Fast forward some years later, and now that decades old plan is really starting to take root.
                I have taken it upon myself to get involved in this party because I want those same changes. The plan in place for many years has been to get involved in the Republican Party so that like-minded individuals will have the infrastructure and influence of one of the two largest parties when it comes time for local, state, and national elections. I don’t know who will be the torch bearer for our movement in 2016, but Mr. Johnson has done as much as any other to earn that right. However, I’m afraid his name won’t be in consideration if he is still outside the mainstream of the liberty movement, and running as a Libertarian is certainly outside the mainstream of this movement.
                With that said, I’ll repeat my earlier request for anyone who knows Mr. Johnson personally to welcome him back to the Republican Party. Just imagine a primary season with 5 or 6 true Constitutionalists battling for the Republican nomination. I have little doubt about Gary Johnson’s conservative credentials. I have little doubt about the effectiveness of the liberty movements plan to transform the Republican Party.  I also have little doubt that Gary Johnson’s only chance to truly lead the liberty movement and the nation is to return to the Republican Party.

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